Game Drives

The LUMO game drive experience - Day game drive

LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary offers optimum game-driving experiences. Our custom-built open-sided safari vehicle offers comfort, panoramic viewing, dedicated safari guides and refreshments for fun location of game. Game drives take place at 6.30 am, arriving back in time for breakfast and after tea at 4pm. They can also be timed to coincide with sundowners in the bush.

A glimpse into the nocturnal theatre of the wild - Night game drive

A uniquely specialised activity, which is usually not permitted within the boundaries of the national parks and reserves, a night game drive is the ultimate safari luxury. Leaving the lodge either before or after dinner, you will be provided with warm 'shukas' (Maasai wraps); before setting off to discover the creatures of the night. This is the exclusive domain of hunters such as lions and leopards, and the only time when you may catch a glimpse of such elusive nocturnal creatures as aardvark and Lumo's melanistic serval cat.

Your vehicle will also be equipped with a powerful hand-held lamp, which can be used to sweep the bush for sightings. Children over 5 years of age are welcome and really enjoy this exciting glimpse of what happens when they are usually in bed.

Recent Updates

Fundraising Event for the Community

10 May 2011

The first EGGS ‘Eye Go Game Spotting’ competition was won by ‘Scrambled Eggs’ led by Alex Rostocil, narrowly beating the home team; Sarova of Taita Hills. Each vehicle had thirty...

Elephant Count

11 May 2011

In February an extensive elephant count was carried out within the total Tsavo eco-system by KWS and IFAW amongst other concerned donors. Despite the dreadful drought of 2009 and the...

Water management

11 May 2011

The pulse of activity within LUMO CommunityWildlife Sanctuary is dictated by the rains. Our short rains failed, but we had a green Christmas followed by a short dry period and...

Funds to the Community

11 May 2011

After 10 years the shareholders finally received a tangible financial return for setting aside their land to form the LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary Trust which you have enjoyed. Lualenyi, Maramba...