Education Bursaries

Last year (2011) LUMO gave a total of 990,000/= to its shareholders to cater for bursaries and ranch projects. The sanctuary which gets its revenue from get entrance, lease fee and bids mites has decided to make sure at least each share holder gets to appreciate their brainchild projects of conservation. Lumo would like to assist its members where possible and that’s why it has also been issuing cheques towards fund raising on education programmes to both primary and secondary schools within the sanctuary. This has also been done to local churches and ensuring at least every member benefits the project even if indirectly.

Recent Updates

Fundraising Event for the Community

10 May 2011

The first EGGS ‘Eye Go Game Spotting’ competition was won by ‘Scrambled Eggs’ led by Alex Rostocil, narrowly beating the home team; Sarova of Taita Hills. Each vehicle had thirty...

Elephant Count

11 May 2011

In February an extensive elephant count was carried out within the total Tsavo eco-system by KWS and IFAW amongst other concerned donors. Despite the dreadful drought of 2009 and the...

Water management

11 May 2011

The pulse of activity within LUMO CommunityWildlife Sanctuary is dictated by the rains. Our short rains failed, but we had a green Christmas followed by a short dry period and...

Funds to the Community

11 May 2011

After 10 years the shareholders finally received a tangible financial return for setting aside their land to form the LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary Trust which you have enjoyed. Lualenyi, Maramba...