Frequently Asked Questions

Where is LUMO Conservancy Located?

LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy is located 50 kms East of Voi on the Taita Taveta road at the heart of the Tsavo eco system, surrounded by Tsavo East and West national parks and the Taita Game Conservancy.

How do I get there?

LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy is easily accessible by road from Mombasa and Nairobi (360 km south of Nairobi, 200 km north west of Mombasa ). The nearest airstrip to LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy is the Taita Hills Airstrip.

What are your rates?

Please see the rates on this page.

What time does the conservancy open?

The gates open at 8 AM

What type of accommodation does the conservancy offer?

Please see this page.

What activities can I do at the conservancy?

Please see this page.

Which animals will I see?

Please see this page.

Can anyone volunteer at LUMO Conservancy?

Yes anyone can volunteer. Please see this page for more information about volunteering at LUMO Conservancy.