Funds to the Community

After 10 years the shareholders finally received a tangible financial return for setting aside their land to form the LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary Trust which you have enjoyed. Lualenyi, Maramba and Oza ranches each received Ksh 50,000/= for bursaries and Ksh 150,000/= towards their own choice of community projects at a colourful ceremony held in the EGGS Campsite.

AWF confirmed their commitment to the sanctuary and pledged their support to train management to ensure accountability and to maximise the return of this great resource. Community leaders praised Chairman, Mr Mwadimi, and his committee for taking this first significant step to reward their patients shareholders.

Lions Bluff continues to work closely with the Sanctuary management to improve infrastructure and ensure that this fantastic asset makes a real difference to the lives of all the families who took that bold step more than ten years ago to invest in conservation.