Volunteers Programme at LUMO Wildlife Conservancy

Become conservation Volunteer and gain hands on experience in ecological restoration and conservation work in the beautiful environment of Lumo whilst contributing to practical conservation project.

About LUMO Volunteers

LUMO Volunteers is a Low-cost Budget Volunteering programme that aims to bring volunteers from all over the world to the Lumo Conservancy in South Kenya to support the rangers in protecting the wildlife and helping the local community develop sustainable means of living. In the past years, there have been a growing number of dedicated people of all ages and of various nationalities who have really made a difference to this area.

Lumo Volunteers provides very important support to the rangers at the conservancy through a number of ways:

First of all it makes public and gives recognition to the fact that many local Kenyans are very dedicated to preserving their natural heritage, thus giving strong emotional support to the cause of conservation.

Secondly, volunteers provide practical help by bringing a lot of different skills and new ideas to the community, from which many people here can benefit - whether this is specialist knowledge about biology, languages, trees, birds, healthcare: any skill is very welcome!

Last but not least, any financial contribution that volunteers make to the project goes straight into the conservancy, where they can help the locals believe that they made the right decision when they decided to `turn green´. So why not come to Lumo as a volunteer, where you can see the fascinating African wildlife from up close with your own eyes and at the same time support the local people in their efforts to conserve it?

LUMO Volunteers - An experience of a lifetime!  

Project Location

 LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary

Duration/ Project Length:

Min 2 weeks-Max 4 weeks (Orientation takes 2 days + 2 weeks volunteering on minimum stay)

Arrival Airport:

Nairobi, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport

Volunteering Work:

Wildlife conservation, Conservation Education to Schools nearby, Community Outreach


from 18-80 years


What’s Included:



Shared room in Volunteer house located in the bush


Three meals a day

Airport Transfer

Included on arrival and departure day.

SIM Card

Kenyan Sim card provided upon arrival


All training and introduction provided upon arrival



What’s not Included


Flight Tickets


Personal Expenses


Airtime for cell phone or internet


Visa (about USD 50)


Travel and Health Insurance







Recent Updates

Fundraising Event for the Community

10 May 2011

The first EGGS ‘Eye Go Game Spotting’ competition was won by ‘Scrambled Eggs’ led by Alex Rostocil, narrowly beating the home team; Sarova of Taita Hills. Each vehicle had thirty...

Elephant Count

11 May 2011

In February an extensive elephant count was carried out within the total Tsavo eco-system by KWS and IFAW amongst other concerned donors. Despite the dreadful drought of 2009 and the...

Water management

11 May 2011

The pulse of activity within LUMO CommunityWildlife Sanctuary is dictated by the rains. Our short rains failed, but we had a green Christmas followed by a short dry period and...

Funds to the Community

11 May 2011

After 10 years the shareholders finally received a tangible financial return for setting aside their land to form the LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary Trust which you have enjoyed. Lualenyi, Maramba...