About Us

Our Commitment

To safeguard the rich biodiversity of LUMO’s unique ecosystem and promote harmonious coexistence between wildlife, communities, and the environment. We are committed to conserving and restoring natural habitats, fostering sustainable livelihoods, and educating future generations to ensure the long-term well-being of both people and wildlife in the LUMO region.

Our mission

To Sustainably Manage LUMO’s Wildlife Resources for the Optimal Benefits of the Community

Our vision

To Be The Leading Community Conservancy and Ultimate Tourist Destination in Africa

Our core values


Lumo Conservancy places a strong emphasis on honesty, ethics, and transparency in all its actions and decisions. It upholds high moral and ethical standards in its conservation efforts and interactions with stakeholders.


This core value signifies Lumo Conservancy's commitment to welcoming and involving a diverse range of individuals and communities in its conservation initiatives. It strives to ensure that all voices are heard and included in its efforts.


Lumo Conservancy values creative thinking and the development of new and effective approaches to conservation. It seeks innovative solutions to environmental challenges and embraces technological advancements to improve its practices.


The organization's passion for conservation is evident in its dedication and enthusiasm for protecting and preserving the environment. It encourages its members and partners to share this passion for the cause.


Equality underscores Lumo Conservancy's commitment to treating all individuals and communities fairly and without discrimination. It advocates for equal access to the benefits of conservation efforts.


Lumo Conservancy strives for excellence in all aspects of its work. It focuses on delivering high-quality conservation programs and services, ensuring the best possible outcomes for the environment.


Lumo Conservancy is dedicated to being responsible stewards of the natural resources and ecosystems under its care. It aims to manage these resources sustainably for the benefit of current and future generations.


Lumo Conservancy aims to address historical and systemic disparities by promoting fairness and justice in its conservation initiatives. It seeks to reduce social and environmental inequalities.

Our Team

Joseph M. Mzozo


Erick Mwakoma


Purity Manyatta

Community Liaison Officer

Sergeant Ludovicka Malemba

Head Ranger

15+ Rangers Saving Lives Everyday