Night Patrols

Safeguarding the Wild: The Unsung Heroes of the Night Watch The African night is an enigma, a world cloaked in darkness where mysterious creatures roam, and secrets of the wild unfold under the shimmering canvas of the star-studded sky. While most of us slumber peacefully, there are dedicated individuals who take on the noble duty …

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Coordinated Ranger Patrols

United for Conservation: Coordinated Ranger Patrols in Lumo Conservancy In the heart of Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary, a symphony of conservation efforts is playing out—a testament to the commitment to preserving nature’s beauty. Among these, coordinated ranger patrols have emerged as a harmonious melody that transcends boundaries. Lumo rangers have joined hands with their counterparts …

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Lion Bluff Lodge

Lions Bluff Lodge: A Beacon of Sustainable Tourism in Lumo Conservancy In the heart of Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya, nestled amidst the untamed beauty of the African wilderness, stands a remarkable testament to the harmonious coexistence of nature, community, and tourism. Lions Bluff Lodge, previously known as Chovu Lodge, is not merely a …

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