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Sustainable community development as the outcome of great wildlife conservation efforts

The people who live around us at Lumo are our greatest anti-poaching asset. The fact that we are able to achieve success in our work is due to the good partnership and collaboration we have with our neighboring communities. Our communities are integral to wildlife conservation due to their local knowledge, support and role in conflict resolution. Collaborating with communities can help achieve long-term conservation goals while addressing the socio-economic needs of local populations.


Access to quality education

Access to quality education is a real struggle. Inadequate school infrastructure, lack of trained teachers, and socio-economic barriers prevent children from receiving a proper education, limiting their opportunities for the future.


Poverty is a persistent issue in many African communities. Limited access to resources, lack of job opportunities, and insufficient infrastructure hinder economic growth and make it difficult for individuals and families to meet their basic needs.


Access to healthcare services is a major challenge for members of the local communities. Limited healthcare infrastructure, inadequate medical supplies, and a shortage of healthcare professionals make it difficult for people to receive timely and quality medical care.

Gender inequality

Gender inequality remains a significant challenge in many African communities. Women and girls often face limited access to education, economic opportunities, and decision-making processes, leading to disparities in empowerment and development.


Our Response

Wildlife conservation provides numerous benefits to local communities, including economic opportunities, job creation, sustainable resource management, food security, education, cultural preservation, and improved overall well-being. By valuing and protecting their natural environment, communities can achieve a harmonious balance between conservation and socio-economic development.

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