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Who benefits from the donations

The Wildlife

Wildlife sanctuaries often require resources to maintain and restore habitats for the resident animals. Donations can be used to plant native vegetation and protect critical habitats, ensuring the sanctuary remains a safe and suitable environment for wildlife.

Our Communities

Donations allows LUMO Conservancy to bring economic benefits, educational opportunities, community engagement, and conservation partnerships to their surrounding communities. By fostering a harmonious relationship between wildlife conservation and local residents, LUMO Conservancy has created a positive and sustainable impact on both the natural environment and the well-being of nearby communities.

Our Staff

LUMO Conservancy face threats from poaching and illegal activities. Donations can be used to implement anti-poaching measures, such as training and equipping our rangers with the right tools and skills they need to protect the animals and deter illegal activities.

Your donations provide critical care, security & education.

By donating to LUMO Conservancy, you are not only helping to support our communities but also enabling us to protect the wildlife against extinction. Your generosity is crucial to our ability to fulfill our mission and continue making a positive impact on the world around us. We offer a variety of ways to contribute, including one-time and recurring donations, as well as opportunities to sponsor specific projects. No matter the amount, your donation makes a meaningful difference in the lives of the animals in our care. Thank you for considering a donation to LUMO Conservancy. 

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Donate to a specific cause

Lumo Conservancy is a beacon of hope for our planet’s precious wildlife and ecosystems. By donating to Lumo Conservancy, you are not just contributing to conservation efforts; you are investing in the future of our planet. Your support will help protect iconic wildlife, such as elephants and giraffes, while promoting responsible tourism and empowering local communities. Together, we can ensure that future generations inherit a world rich in biodiversity and natural wonders. Join us in making a difference today—donate to Lumo Conservancy and become a guardian of our planet’s irreplaceable treasures.

Education and Awareness


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