Our Mission And Vision

Vision Statement

To be the Leading Community Conservancy and Ultimate Tourist Destination in Africa

Mission Statement

To Sustainably Conserve and Manage LUMO’s Wildlife Resources for Optimal Community Benefits

Core Values

  • Integrity

    Honest and transparent in its dealings so as to be trusted by different stakeholders, accessible, and work openly.

  • Inclusivity

    Always seeking to include all by fostering an inclusive culture where communities, government, and other partners are participating and engaged.

  • Innovative

    Seeking new ways and being creative, and, willing to change

  • Passionate

    About the community and wildlife conservation

  • Stewardship

    Nurturing and fostering environmental sustainability

  • Quality

    Value for money in our service delivery (outputs, plans)

  • Equality:

    To work for a just society where diverse views and backgrounds are respected and included.

The greater Tsavo Ecosystem is one of Africa’s largest conservation complexes. It is composed three Kenyan national parks (Tsavo East and West and Chyulu Hills) and one Tanzanian National Park (Mkomazi). Sitting at the northernmost end of Eastern arc mountains spanning from Malawi, through Eastern Tanzania to Southern Kenya, LUMO Conservancy is rich in species diversity and a number of endemism. LUMO Conservancy is a community owned Conservancy made up of three community ranches each contributing a section of their land for wildlife and tourism purposes. Lualenyi ranch contributed 28,00 acres, Mramba 10,00 acres and Oza 10,000 acres t form 48,000 acres LUMO Conservancy. These ranches were primarily grazing lands for the communities though with changes in lifestyle, increase in population and partly climate change subsistence farming is being practiced on the land. AWF supported the formation of this conservancy with an aim of securing the dispersal area for wildlife by ensuring the community benefits from the land through a quid pro quo arrangement where it helped build tourism Lodge that brings money in return to the land set aside for wildlife. LUMO Conservancy is among the first conservancies in the area and presently among few functional Community conservancy in the Tsavo conservation area. Nestled on the border with Tsavo West National Park, the LUMO conservancy is an important piece of land with significant contribution and role in gene transfer between wildlife populations in Tsavo East, West and Mkomazi National Parks in Kenya and Tanzania respectively.