Our wildlife

Cat Family

The cat family, also known as Felidae, is a captivating group of wildlife animals that captivate our imagination with their grace, beauty, and predatory prowess. From the majestic lion roaming the African savannah to the stealthy leopard silently traversing the dense jungles, these feline creatures command our attention and admiration. The cat family encompasses a wide range of species, each with its unique characteristics and adaptations. Whether it’s the agile cheetah or the elusive leopard,  these creatures exhibit exceptional agility, keen senses, and a mysterious allure.




Genet cat


The elephant family, scientifically known as Elephantidae, encompasses some of the most remarkable and awe-inspiring creatures on our planet.  Elephants are known for their exceptional intelligence, social complexity, and emotional depth. They exhibit strong family bonds, with intricate matriarchal societies and deep-rooted connections among their members. Elephants are not only remarkable for their size but also for their gentle and empathetic nature. They display a wide range of emotions, from joyous trumpeting to mournful cries, and are known to express empathy and compassion towards one another. 


The giraffe family, known as Giraffidae, presents us with one of nature’s most fascinating and iconic creatures. With their elongated necks, unique coat patterns, and gracefully long limbs, giraffes are instantly recognizable and truly captivating. These gentle giants are the tallest land animals, capable of reaching incredible heights, allowing them to browse on leaves and vegetation that other animals cannot access. Their distinctive long necks serve various purposes, including foraging for food, defending against predators, and engaging in courtship rituals. Giraffes possess a calm and peaceful demeanor, often seen gracefully wandering the savannah in small groups known as towers. Despite their immense size, they move with surprising elegance and grace. Their elongated tongues and prehensile lips enable them to strip leaves from high branches with precision. The giraffe family represents the epitome of adaptability, resilience, and beauty in the animal kingdom, making them a true marvel to behold.