sustainable conservation efforts

Who We Are

Lumo Conservancy is a community-based wildlife conservancy located in the Taita-Taveta County of Kenya. It is situated between Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks, making it an important wildlife corridor for animals moving between these two larger protected areas.

Lumo Conservancy is a prime example of a community-driven conservation initiative. It was established by the local community with the aim of conserving wildlife and their habitat while also generating income and improving livelihoods for the people living in the area. The conservancy is managed by the Lumo Community Wildlife Sanctuary Trust, which includes members from local communities.

Our Efforts

However, even amidst this sanctuary, the challenge of poaching remains a poignant issue. Our dedicated team works tirelessly to protect the precious biodiversity within our boundaries, with a particular focus on safeguarding species like Zebra and Giraffes, which have sadly become targets of illegal hunting. Poaching poses a threat not only to these majestic creatures but also to the delicate balance of our ecosystem. Through vigilant monitoring, community engagement, and partnerships with law enforcement, we strive to combat poaching and ensure a future where generations can witness the grace and beauty of these animals in their natural habitat. Join us in our mission to preserve and protect, as we continue to write the story of Lumo – a story of coexistence, respect, and the enduring spirit of wildlife conservation.

Our Mission

Sustainable Conservation

We believe that nature and communities can thrive together. Our conservancy is committed to finding a balance between preserving the environment and enhancing the livelihoods of our community members.

Wildlife Preservation

Our vast and diverse landscape is home to a wide array of species. From majestic elephants to elusive leopards, we work tirelessly to protect these animals and their habitats from threats.

Community Empowerment

We understand that the wellbeing of our community is intertwined with the health of our environment. Through education, engagement, and sustainable practices, we empower our community to become stewards of their own environment.

Why Do We Do We Conserve

Ecological benefits

Conserved wildlife populations contribute to essential ecosystem services like pollination, seed dispersal, and nutrient cycling, which in turn support healthy plant growth, maintain water quality, and regulate climate. By safeguarding wildlife and their habitats, conservation efforts create a harmonious environment where species interactions and ecological processes can unfold naturally, ensuring the overall health and functioning of our planet's ecosystems.

Economical benefits

Wildlife conservation yields substantial economic benefits by fostering sustainable tourism, creating jobs, and enhancing local economies.

Ethical Obligation

Wildlife conservation holds profound ethical significance as it reflects our moral responsibility to protect and preserve the diverse forms of life with which we share our planet. Every species has inherent value, regardless of its utility to humans, and our actions have the power to determine their survival.

How Can You Help

Anyone can make a meaningful impact on wildlife conservation efforts by supporting LUMO wildlife conservancy. Simple actions like volunteering your time, participating in educational programs, or making donations can contribute to the preservation of natural habitats and species. By spreading awareness about the importance of conservation through social media, community discussions, and advocating for responsible practices, you can inspire positive change.