The Challenge

Despite the global condemnation of poaching and the resources that have been mobilized to safeguard endangered wildlife, well-funded and well-equipped poaching groups continue to pose a real threat to Africa’s wildlife. As long as the illegal demand for wildlife-related products exists, endangered species worldwide, even those under Lumo’s protection, will be under constant threat.

Lumo must continually adapt to the rapidly evolving threat of poaching in order to protect the wildlife under its care.

Our Response

  • Our well-trained and motivated team – our rangers are passionate about conservation and wildlife protection
  • Great teamwork between radio operators, gatekeepers and the anti-poaching rangers.
  • Field Rangers – Field rangers are Lumo’s ‘eyes and ears on the ground’. Each ranger is responsible for patrolling their assigned block every day, ensuring that they spot and report back on all animal sightings.They also work hand in hand with communities to monitor wildlife straying into human settlements, and assist in mitigating human-wildlife conflict.

    Positive Results

    There is an increase in peace and stability in the communities surrounding Lumo, thanks to our combined efforts with the Rangers and the Kenya Wildlife Service.