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The LUMO conservancy offers an interesting opportunity to promote tourism development that ensures sustainable wildlife conservation and improved community livelihoods. Successful development of the tourism product in LUMO Conservancy will also drive increased tourism to the region. The growth in tourism to Lion’s Bluff combined with the global growth of ecotourism is cause for optimism. The ongoing efforts to improve the management of LUMO, reduce grazing pressure, and promote habitat restoration are significantly improving the wildlife product on offer. Indeed, the monitoring data to date has shown a significant increase in wildlife using the conservancy as a dispersal or migratory route compared to other years (over 40% increases). Tourists seeking a private, secluded wildlife/bush experience that generates community benefits will naturally be drawn to LUMO Conservancy. Additionally, the completed and ongoing infrastructure developments connecting LUMO Conservancy to Nairobi, Mombasa, Kenya’s southern coast, and Amboseli National Park, offer the opportunity to create new tourism circuits that go from the coast to the Maasai Mara, traversing LUMO Conservancy.

Three potential opportunities has been identified and are presented here: development of Oza Lodge, collaborating with a seasonal mobile-tented camp, and expanding Lion’s Bluff capacity.