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LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy is a prominent conservation area located in the Taita-Taveta County of Kenya. It is a community-owned and managed conservancy, dedicated to the preservation of wildlife and natural habitats while promoting community development through tourism. The volunteer program throws you into the heart of community-led wildlife conservation in Africa with a healthy dose of fun. It’s perfect for travelers seeking an adventure that goes beyond the usual African Safari experience.

About the program

Travel with Hands-on Experiences

Personal touch

Ditch the “observe-from-a-distance” safari and dive headfirst into protecting Africa’s biodiversity! The program isn’t your typical tourist trap. Here, you become an active wildlife warrior, tracking some of Africa’s Big Five, and contributing real data to our conservation efforts. Imagine the thrill of a real-life treasure hunt, following animal tracks and uncovering the secrets of the savanna.


Environmental Conservation

Dive into the heart of nature with our hands-on environmental conservation activities. Join reforestation projects and assist in habitat restoration initiatives. Experience the thrill of making a tangible difference in preserving the Earth’s natural beauty and resources. Transform your travel into an eco-mission, contributing to global conservation efforts while exploring the breathtaking landscapes of LUMO.

Connection and conservation

The community is the heart of our conservation efforts. By working hand-in-hand with local residents, we ensure that wildlife protection goes beyond safeguarding animals to uplifting the people who share the land with them. Engage with the community, learn their traditions, and understand how their active involvement in conservation projects helps create sustainable livelihoods and fosters a deep-rooted commitment to preserving the natural world.

Community Aspect

Community Engagement

Discover the vital link between community and conservation in Africa. Work alongside our community liaison officer and staff to witness firsthand how conservation efforts uplift local communities. Engage in projects that enhance education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihoods, and see how your contribution directly benefits the people who coexist with wildlife.

Conservation education

Community Engagement

School visits at LUMO are not just educational—they’re pivotal in shaping future conservation champions. These visits empower local youth with knowledge about wildlife, ecosystems, and sustainable practices. By fostering a deep appreciation for nature early on, LUMO ensures that future generations are invested in protecting their natural heritage.

What volunteers do


— Foot patrols

With the accompany of rangers, volunteers do foot patrols as they try to check if there is any intruder into the conservancy. They try to check if they are any snares around the area. They also get to learn about different animals’ prints, as well as learning on the vegetation and their uses.


— Community Outreach Activities

Volunteers help the liaison officer in engaging in programmes meant to give back to the community. Based on the volunteers’ interests and area of specialization, the organization will arrange an activity which will match their skills and facilitate on how they can use their skills to benefit the community needs.r


— Vehicle Patrol

The volunteer helps the rangers in doing morning patrol as they go around the conservation area and as they check if there is any abnormality for wildlife. They carry with them a SMART enabled phone, where they get to mark the GPS of different wild animals, for the study of their dispersal and movement patterns.


— Conservation Activities

The volunteer will do activities that aim in recovering the ecological integrity of LUMO Conservation area as well as the communities around.


— Development Activities

These are activities that will facilitate the growth and development of LUMO Conservancy, either in terms of infrastructure or idea contribution. Example of such activities, locally making the bricks to construct rangers’ rooms, taking pictures for wildlife and helping out in posting them in LUMO’S social-media accounts.


— School Visits

The volunteers, in the accompany of the liaison officer or a ranger, will interact with a primary school, and help in teaching, playing with the kids, preparing meals for the kids and other activities.



The volunteer program charges a daily fee of $55, which covers essential expenses during the volunteer’s stay. This fee includes meals, ensuring volunteers are well-fed throughout their participation. Additionally, it covers accommodation expenses, ensuring that volunteers have a safe and comfortable place to stay while contributing to conservation efforts. Furthermore, the fee also accounts for extra operational costs incurred by the conservancy, supporting the overall functioning of the program. For those needing transportation assistance, the conservancy offers an optional service for an additional $165, which includes travel arrangements to and from the conservancy.

Bank Transfer

Account Number: 1104830957
Bank Branch: VOI, KENYA

Bank Transfer

Account Number: 1108162614
Bank Branch: VOI, KENYA

Mobile Money

Paybill: 522533
Account Number: 5064914

You can also reach out to us through +254 740 306 562 or to learn more about our community empowerment initiatives, future projects and how we can work together to amplify the impact of our conservation efforts in our community.

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