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Our volunteers program

Lumo Volunteers program aims to bring volunteers from all over the world to support the rangers in protecting the wildlife and helping the local community develop sustainable means of living. In the past years, there has been a growing number of dedicated people of all ages and of various nationalities who have really made a difference to this area. Volunteers provide practical help by bringing a lot of different skills and new ideas to the community, from which many people here can benefit – whether this is specialist knowledge about biology, languages, trees, birds, healthcare There are many tasks in which volunteers simply provide some very much appreciated extra man-power for the rangers, like when looking for poachers´ snares on foot patrols, chasing cattle back into the grazing area or planting trees with school children or tourists.

What you will do

School visits

The volunteers, in the accompany of the liaison officer or a ranger, will interact with a primary school, and help in teaching, playing with the kids, preparing meals for the kids and other activities.


Carrying out cleaning around LUMO’s compound including for their own place of stay.

Development activites

These are activities that will facilitate the growth and development of LUMO Conservancy, either in terms of infrastructure or idea contribution. Example of such activities, locally making the bricks to construct rangers’ rooms, taking pictures for wildlife and helping out in posting them in LUMO’S social-media accounts.

Conservation activities

The volunteer will do activities that aim in recovering the ecological integrity of LUMO Conservation area as well as the communities around.

Foot patrol

With the accompany of rangers, volunteers do foot patrols as they try to check if there is any intruder into the conservancy. They try to check if they are any snares around the area. They also get to learn about different animals’ prints, as well as learning on the vegetation and their uses.

Vehicle patrol

The volunteer helps the rangers in doing morning patrol as they go around the conservation area and as they check if there is any abnormality for wildlife. They carry with them a SMART enabled phone, where they get to mark the GPS of different wild animals, for the study of their dispersal and movement patterns.

Community outreach

Volunteers help the liaison office in engaging in programmes meant to give back to the community. Based on the volunteers’ interests and area of specialization, the organization will arrange an activity which will match their skills and facilitate on how they can use their skills to benefit the community needs.

Help us make an impact.

By becoming a volunteer at the LUMO Community Wildlife Sanctuary, you’ll be joining a team of dedicated individuals working together to protect and conserve our diverse wildlife. Together, let’s make a difference and ensure a future where wildlife thrives in harmony with their natural habitats.

Q: What do we offer?

Accommodation. Each volunteer room has two beds. This means each volunteer will share a room with another of the same
gender. However for couples, they will occupy one room. All rooms are single type of rooms; thus, the
washrooms are outside, and they will share them with other volunteers.
The conservancy has some WIFI at the office for any network requirement.

Billing and Financial Information

The volunteer program charges a daily fee of $55, which covers essential expenses during the volunteer's stay. This fee includes meals, ensuring volunteers are well-fed throughout their participation. Additionally, it covers accommodation expenses, ensuring that volunteers have a safe and comfortable place to stay while contributing to conservation efforts. Furthermore, the fee also accounts for extra operational costs incurred by the conservancy, supporting the overall functioning of the program. For those needing transportation assistance, the conservancy offers an optional service for an additional $160, which includes travel arrangements to and from the conservancy.

Bank details for Wire Transfer

Note: We will not be responsible for transfer of money in wrong account. Please double check the details before sending.

Whom to contact

In case of any query, please contact members of our team at LUMO Conservancy headquarters.
They would be more than glad to help you.

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Joseph M. Mzozo


Erick Mwakoma


Sgt Ludovicka Malemba

Head Ranger LUMO Conservancy