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Our Partners

— African Wildlife Foundation

The African Wildlife Foundation is an international conservation organization dedicated to the preservation of Africa’s wildlife and wild lands. AWF aims to protect the continent’s wild lands as well as its wildlife and natural resources. Visit Page

— Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association

Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA) brings together conservancies across Kenya to enhance sharing of best practices, harmonise standards and more so ensure that the voice of this vital group that is at the heart of sustainable wildlife conservancy in the country is firm, united and audible, not just at the grassroots but at the county and national levels. We do this through our three core areas: Policy Advocacy, Networking and Communitication and Capacity Building. Visit Page

— County Government of Taita Taveta

Taita Taveta County, located in southeastern Kenya, is known for its rich biodiversity and natural resources. In a strong partnership, the county government and the conservancy typically work together to achieve common goals, which may include wildlife conservation, environmental protection, community development, and sustainable tourism. Visit Page

— Kenya Wildlife Service

Kenya Wildlife Service is a state corporation under the Kenya Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife. It conserves and manages national parks, wildlife conservation areas, and sanctuaries under its jurisdiction. Visit Page

— Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association

The Taita Taveta Wildlife Conservancies Association (TTWCA) is a membership organization uniting the conservation efforts of 33 conservancies and ranches spread across 1 million acres of land in the iconic Taita Taveta-Tsavo ecosystem. Visit Page

— World Wide Fund for Nature Kenya (WWF-Kenya)

World Wide Fund for Nature Kenya (WWF-Kenya) is a locally registered non-governmental conservation organization; an affiliate of World Wide Fund for Nature International (WWF). WWF has been working in Kenya since 1962 alongside the government, civil society, private sector organisations and local communities to contribute towards providing an enabling environment for the achievement of sustainable natural resource management. Visit Page

— Community Wildlife & Conservation

THE COMMUNITY & WILDLIFE CONSERVATION is a dynamic non-governmental organization dedicated to community development and conservation efforts and was founded by Sunworld Safaris in April 2020 with a vision to make a difference. Their main objectives are; supporting local communities through food donations & educational materials, creating job opportunities for local tour guides, protecting wild animals from poaching and marketing local tourism in Kenya. Visit Page

— Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge

Soroi Lions Bluff is an eco-tourism lodge renowned for its commitment to sustainable and responsible tourism practices, aiming to provide visitors with a unique and environmentally conscious safari experience. Visit Page