Beacon of Community-Led Wildlife Conservation

Empowering Communities as Champions of Wildlife Conservation

Who We Are

Community involvement as a key aspect of successful wildlife conservation

At the core of LUMO’s success lies its commitment to involving local communities in every step of the conservation process. Unlike traditional top-down approaches, LUMO recognizes the invaluable role that communities play in preserving their environment. By actively engaging and collaborating with the people who live in and around the conservancy, LUMO has created a sense of ownership and responsibility that has proven essential to the success of their conservation initiatives.

LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy serves as a shining example of how community involvement can significantly enhance wildlife conservation efforts. By empowering local communities, promoting awareness, and leveraging digital platforms, LUMO has created a holistic approach that not only protects biodiversity but also enriches the lives of those living in harmony with nature.

Our Approach

Harnessing Community Power for Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife conservation is a collective responsibility that extends beyond the efforts of dedicated organizations and government initiatives. Communities play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our planet’s biodiversity. By fostering a sense of shared responsibility and leveraging local knowledge, communities can contribute significantly to the sustainable preservation of wildlife.

LUMO recognizes that for conservation efforts to be sustainable, local communities must be active stakeholders. The conservancy has implemented programs that empower local residents by providing alternative livelihoods that are compatible with wildlife conservation. This includes eco-friendly tourism initiatives that not only benefit the community economically but also strengthen their bond with the conservancy.

Sustainable wildlife conservation is a collective endeavor that thrives when communities actively participate. By fostering a sense of stewardship, promoting education, and providing economic incentives, we can harness the power of communities to create a future where wildlife coexists harmoniously with human societies.


— Our Mission

To Sustainably Manage LUMO’s Wildlife Resources for the Optimal Benefits of the Community


— Our Vision

To Be The Leading Community Conservancy and Ultimate Tourist Destination in Africa


— Our Story

LUMO, an acronym derived from the Lualenyi, Mramba, and Oza Group Ranches, represents a unique collaboration between local communities and conservationists. Established with the vision of safeguarding the delicate balance between flora and fauna, the conservancy covers an expansive area that serves as a critical corridor for wildlife migration.