Beacon of Community-Led Wildlife Conservation

Empowering Communities as Champions of Wildlife Conservation

Who We Are

Community involvement as a key aspect of successful wildlife conservation

At the core of LUMO’s success lies its commitment to involving local communities in every step of the conservation process. Unlike traditional top-down approaches, LUMO recognizes the invaluable role that communities play in preserving their environment. By actively engaging and collaborating with the people who live in and around the conservancy, LUMO has created a sense of ownership and responsibility that has proven essential to the success of their conservation initiatives.

LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy serves as a shining example of how community involvement can significantly enhance wildlife conservation efforts. By empowering local communities, promoting awareness, and leveraging digital platforms, LUMO has created a holistic approach that not only protects biodiversity but also enriches the lives of those living in harmony with nature.

Our Approach

Harnessing Community Power for Wildlife Conservation

The LUMO Conservancy plays a significant role in the local community by not only conserving natural resources and wildlife but also by actively engaging in community development initiatives. The conservancy works closely with the members and landowners of Lualenyi, Mramba, and Oza ranches, as well as other stakeholders to implement socio-economic projects that incentivize the community to be active and equal participants in its conservation efforts.

The conservancy engages in public education initiatives to raise awareness about conservation practices and the importance of preserving natural resources. By fostering conservation awareness and public support, we aim to create a sense of ownership and responsibility among community members towards the conservation of the area.

Overall, LUMO Conservancy exemplifies a successful community-led conservation project that combines wildlife conservation, sustainable tourism, and community development to create a model of conservation that benefits both people and nature.


— Our Mission

To Sustainably Manage LUMO’s Wildlife Resources for the Optimal Benefits of the Community


— Our Vision

To Be The Leading Community Conservancy and Ultimate Tourist Destination in Africa


— Our Story

The idea for LUMO sanctuary in 1997 originated from negotiations between three ranches in Taita Taveta county, namely Lualenyi, Mramba, and Oza. These ranches came together to merge and form a large conservation area with the aim of pursuing wildlife-based businesses. The strategy was based on the concept of developing nature-based enterprises that would generate income while simultaneously conserving wildlife and other resources on their land. This collaborative effort led to the official registration of LUMO on 4th October 2001 under the Trustees (Perpetual Succession) Act CAP 164 [T5].