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Kenya | LUMO Conservancy

— Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge

Nestled atop a stunning escarpment within the LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy, Soroi Lions Bluff Lodge offers a truly immersive safari experience. The lodge boasts panoramic views of the vast wilderness, providing a front-row seat to the breathtaking landscapes and the diverse wildlife that inhabits the region. Book Your Stay

Kenya | LUMO Conservancy

— Soroi Cheetah Tented Camp

For those seeking a more intimate and authentic connection with nature, Soroi Cheetah Tented Camp is the ideal choice. Set against the backdrop of the conservancy’s untamed beauty, the camp offers guests the chance to experience the sights and sounds of the wild up close. Book Your Stay

Kenya | LUMO Conservancy

— Soroi Leopard Lair Cottages

With personalized services and a focus on sustainability, Soroi Leopard Lair Cottages provide an unforgettable retreat for discerning travelers seeking both seclusion and a genuine connection with the incredible biodiversity of the LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy. Book Your Stay

What We offer


— Game Drives

At the core of our mission is the conservation of biodiversity. LUMO is home to a rich tapestry of flora and fauna, including iconic species such as elephants, lions, and rhinos. We employ cutting-edge conservation practices, leveraging technology and community involvement to ensure the harmonious coexistence of humans and wildlife.


— Nature Trails

LUMO is not just a wildlife sanctuary; it’s a community-driven initiative. We work closely with local communities, empowering them through education, healthcare, and sustainable livelihood programs. By fostering a sense of stewardship, we believe in creating a shared responsibility for the well-being of both people and wildlife.


— Ornithological Walks

We believe that awareness is the first step toward positive change. Through educational programs, workshops, and outreach initiatives, we aim to instill a sense of responsibility and environmental consciousness in individuals of all ages.


— Hiking Tours

LUMO offers a unique and immersive experience for visitors. Our eco-friendly tourism initiatives not only provide a chance to witness the wonders of nature but also directly contribute to the conservation and community development projects. Your visit makes a positive impact.


— Educational Tours

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us; it’s a guiding principle. From our daily operations to community projects, we strive to minimize our environmental footprint and maximize positive outcomes for both nature and people.


— Camping

Recognizing that the challenges of wildlife conservation are vast and complex, LUMO actively collaborates with governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, and international partners. By fostering these partnerships, the conservancy is able to access a broader range of resources, expertise, and support, amplifying the impact of their initiatives and ensuring a holistic approach to conservation.

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