Impactful Wildlife Conservation

Conservation Is A Lifestyle

When we think of conservation, we often envision large swathes of protected land, dedicated rangers patrolling for poachers, and substantial funding to keep the operation running. While these are indeed critical components of wildlife conservation, there’s a deeper, more holistic perspective that is often overlooked: Conservation isn’t just an activity—it’s a lifestyle. It’s about integrating …

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Tree-Planting Exercise 2023

The LUMO Community Wildlife Conservancy is a shining example of how protected areas can be key solutions in the fight against climate change. Recently, the conservancy’s rangers and a group of enthusiastic volunteers came together for a tree-planting exercise, demonstrating their commitment to biodiversity preservation and nature-based solutions for climate change. LUMO Conservancy stands as …

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LUMO Educational Bursaries

Illuminating Futures: Lumo Conservancy’s Educational Bursaries Lumo Conservancy’s Educational Bursaries initiative is a beacon of hope, a testament to the belief that education is the key to unlocking the full potential of a community and its individuals. Nurturing the Seeds of Knowledge Education is often referred to as the light that dispels the darkness of …

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