Youth Registration Campaign 2023

In a significant stride towards fostering sustainable conservation practices, LUMO Conservancy proudly unveiled its Youth Registration Campaign, a pivotal component of the ongoing BIOPAMA project in collaboration with the Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association (KWCA). This initiative aims to enhance the management and governance of the conservancy, solidifying our commitment to environmental preservation and community engagement.

The campaign kickstarted in Oza, a community land integral to the LUMO eco-system. Led by the dynamic duo of the Chairperson of the LUMO Conservancy Board of Trustees and the Conservancy Manager, our dedicated team organized three impactful meetings in Mwanda, Maktau, and Mgange locations. Engaging with over 80 enthusiastic youths, these sessions were a testament to the collective determination to shape a sustainable future.

During these meetings, we delved into the heart of the matter – the crucial role of youth in conservancy activities. We underscored the significance of ranch membership for the younger generation, emphasizing how their involvement contributes to the overarching goals of environmental preservation and wildlife protection. The platform also provided a space for addressing any concerns regarding the registration process, ensuring a smooth and transparent pathway for the enthusiastic participants.

Results and Achievements:

The response has been nothing short of inspiring. Over 9 youths from the Oza community have already seized the opportunity to register as members, embodying a promising start to our campaign. Their commitment serves as a beacon for others to follow suit, showcasing the power of community-driven conservation efforts.

Looking Ahead:

As we celebrate the initial success of our Youth Registration Campaign, our sights are set on the horizon. We anticipate a growing wave of participation, with more youths joining the ranks as proud members of the Oza community. This campaign is not merely about registration; it’s about instilling a sense of responsibility and passion for conservation among the younger generation.

LUMO Conservancy’s Youth Registration Campaign marks a pivotal chapter in our journey towards sustainable conservation. Through engagement, education, and empowerment, we are sowing the seeds for a future where communities and wildlife coexist in harmony. Join us in this transformative endeavor, and let’s pave the way for a greener, more sustainable world.

This initiative is not a solitary endeavor; rather, it stands as a testament to the strong partnership between LUMO Conservancy and KWCA. Together, we strive to create a harmonious balance between wildlife conservation and community development, fostering a sustainable ecosystem where both thrive.